Elaine Cooper

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Contemporary landscape fine artist, Elaine Cooper admits to having been engulfed by vivid colours and textures all of her working life, yet surprisingly was never employed as fellow artist and TV presenter, Timmy Mallett wardrobe assistant. Originally embarking on a career in textile design, Cooper later turned to fine art as her means of employment and answering an alternative vocational calling, and her work is characterised by a heady mixture of both classical and naive styles. Yet at the same time, the subject matter remains a pleasing constant, to herself and her loyal followers, and one of mixed landscapes. Be they rolling hills or remarkable high streets, Cooper has historically tackled either with vigour and panache, and as a result of her growing popularity was snapped up by Solomon & Whitehead, then usurped by Buckingham Fine Arts; the respected UK art publishers who represent her and have ensured that she became a listed artist with a strong and successful gallery client base.