Jorge Segrelles was born in a very industrial town 30 miles inland from Allicante and was aware of the love of art in his family from an early age.

He now specialises in beautiful soft medium colours. He found himself increasingly influenced by impressionist artist such as Matisse, Monet and Turner. He is noted for his gentle use of oils that give a texture and feel to his paintings.

His paintings reflects the changing mood in nature and atmosphere of the clouds and their formation which he has the ability to transfer onto canvas in many different hues. He often paints the same scene by using different colours letting nature and the changing weather dictate the effects. Images of a walker on the beach sometimes with their dog are often found in his work.

Most of our Artists are able to do commission pieces, also if you see a painting that is sold they will be more than happy to do something similar for you. Please contact us for more information.