Wayne Gathercole

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Wayne Gathercole is an artist based in Ollerton, Nottinghamshire, England, where he works from his studio specialising in acrylics on canvas and board.

Wayne studied art at Sheffield Hallam University and for the last decade he has worked as a freelance artist with his work being shown in galleries in Manchester, Sheffiled and Nottinghamshire, holding several successful exhibitions there.

His love of black and white photography is something that influences his current portraiture work, the stark contrast between light and dark creating a moody yet elegant celebration of the female form.

His interest in art started at an early age, suffering from severe Hemophilia A which limited what he could do physically all of his life, he has seen and used art as a way to escape a very confining and painful disorder. He has been able to suppress a lot of negative feelings that have originated from this into a positive and thought provoking outlet for his work.

Resin Art by Wayne Gathercole

Wayne’s objective is to create truly unique one-off pieces of art that are utterly magical and otherworldly in appearance.
He combines Epoxy Resin with Acrylic Paints, Pigment Powders, Makeup, Acrylic Inks, Tattoo Inks and some secret ingredients to create truly sensational effects. Once mixed, the pouring fun and magic of Liquid Art begins!

Once poured Wayne controls the resin using a number of different heating techniques and allows it to flow freely until he creates a unique and exquisite piece of original artwork.
Each breath taking piece is produced to an exceptional quality with a superb glass like finish that has to be seen to be believed, photographs truly do not do them justice.

For a talked about centrepiece to any room these works of art by Wayne are abstract expressionism at its best and at times are intense,spontaneous and without doubt deeply expressive.

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