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Experience our complete framing service, featuring a diverse selection of traditional and contemporary mouldings. Our expert guidance ensures thoughtful choices in frames and mounts that perfectly enhance the unique character of your item.

Beyond traditional artwork, our expertise extends to framing a variety of items such as medals, sports memorabilia, and cherished artwork. We specialize in stretching canvases and handling various framing needs, including cross stitch, embroidery, papyrus, football shirts, and other memorabilia. Our extensive inventory includes a wide array of frames and mounts, and we stay attuned to evolving presentation styles in the art world while respecting and incorporating traditional formats when suitable. Trust us to bring out the best in your treasures through meticulous framing and preservation.

Medals and Memorabilia

Framing war medals is a poignant and honorable way to preserve and showcase the tangible reminders of valor and sacrifice. Whether it’s the Purple Heart, Bronze Star, or other distinguished medals, framing allows individuals to create a visually striking display that pays tribute to the courage and dedication exhibited during times of conflict. The careful arrangement of these medals within a frame not only highlights their intrinsic historical significance but also serves as a lasting tribute to the bravery and service of the recipient.

The framing process involves meticulous attention to detail, ensuring that the medals are arranged in a visually appealing manner, often accompanied by relevant military insignia, ribbons, and personalized information. Beyond preserving the physical artifacts, framing war medals transforms them into a powerful and respectful tribute that honors the sacrifices made in the pursuit of freedom and peace.

Sports Memorabilia

Framing sports memorabilia is a dynamic and engaging way to celebrate the passion and excitement of athletic achievements. Whether it’s a signed Football Shirt or jersey, a game-worn artifact, or a cherished piece of equipment, framing allows sports enthusiasts to transform these items into captivating displays that capture the essence of their favorite moments. Careful attention is given to the layout, ensuring that the memorabilia is showcased prominently and complemented by relevant images, team logos, or player details.

The framing process not only preserves the physical integrity of the items but also elevates them to the status of iconic mementos. The result is a visually striking tribute that not only commemorates the sporting event or the athlete’s prowess but also serves as a personal connection to the thrill of victory and the spirit of competition. Framing sports memorabilia transforms these artifacts into cherished pieces of art that resonate with the excitement and nostalgia of the sports world.

Framing Artwork, Prints and Originals

For prints, selecting the right frame can complement the style and tone of the artwork. Whether it’s a sleek modern frame or a classic ornate one, the choice should harmonize with the artist’s intent. Matting is often used to create visual space and draw attention to the artwork, while protective glass shields the print from dust and UV rays.

When framing original artwork, conservation is a key concern. Archival materials help prevent deterioration over time, ensuring the longevity of the piece. The frame should enhance without overshadowing the artwork, allowing it to be the focal point. Floating frames, which create the illusion that the artwork is suspended within the frame, are popular for showcasing originals.

The framing process is a delicate balance between protection and presentation. Proper framing not only safeguards the artwork from environmental factors but also transforms it into a captivating display, adding to the overall visual impact of the piece. Ultimately, framing is a collaborative effort between the artist’s vision and the craftsmanship of the framer, resulting in a harmonious presentation of artistic expression.

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